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Fighting COVID-19 Together

A Message from The Work Lab Founders

As the world continues to battle the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic, we are revisiting and realigning processes and systems to take all proactive and preventive measures per the local and government authorities. Our mission at The WORK LAB is to help businesses resume operations as soon as possible post the ongoing crisis.

With our minds filled to the brim with worries about safety protocols and hygiene measures, things truly won’t be the same. However, The Work Lab remains committed to supporting its clients during these unprecedented times. We are constantly working to ensure that our services remain uninterrupted as we help our clients navigate through the challenges and uncertainty generated by the pandemic.

Our Action

Sanitizing protocol by Work Lab staff

All Work Lab Staff will be compulsory wearing gloves and masks at any given point of time in the premises. Frequently touched areas and surfaces will be cleaned with a recommended disinfectant.

This includes :
1) Equipment
2) Elevator gate and buttons
3) Handrails
4) Tables
5) Counter tops
6) Door knobs & taps

Cleaning is done every 2 hours in common areas and washrooms. The entire workspace has undergone an anti-bacterial treatment for an infection-free, safe environment.

An initiative to stop the spread!

We support the Government of India to prevent spread of coronavirus by following the provided preventive measures.

A Sneak Peak into our Preventive Measures

Monitoring at Entry and Exit points

Temperature of everyone entering and exiting the premises will be checked with a thermal scanner, which will be conducted strictly adhering to the social distancing norms (marking on the floor needs to be maintained for social distance).

While thermal screening, If any person is found with symptoms of cough, fever, or any breathing problem, he shall be stopped from entering in the premises, and the security person has to inform the same to the company. Hand wash and feet sanitizing before entering the premises. Wearing a mask is compulsory mask on the premises.

Hand Washing and Hygiene:

Hand sanitizer have been placed in meeting rooms, cafeteria, etc. Additionally announcements will be run to instruct people to sanitize their hands properly. Employees are also advised to keep sanitizers in their respective cabins/seats.

Social Distancing to be Followed by Coworkers

All staff will be seated at least 6 feet apart in the areas like Atrium, Canteen, Cafeteria, Sunk garden, etc. The conference room cannot be booked by more than 4 people at a given time. Furthermore, the gym will remain closed until further notice. 

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